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The Samsung Galaxy S5 (7th generation) is a powerful mobile phone that looks to be a little more power efficient by about half a horsepower. But don’t buy the $250. Find out if the Galaxy Z1 is a bad phone or not

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The Galaxy S4 is the Galaxy Tab 8 smartphone and not many people believe in that. But there is a definite difference between the two smartphones. The new Tab 8 phone is more advanced than the older Tab 5 but also contains smaller screen sizes compared to the original Tab 2. That said, the Tab S4 does offer bigger screens and it seems like the old Tab 5 is more affordable compared to the current Tab 1. The Tab S4 is capable of doing a bit more than what the S4 has, and has lower overall price. This is also the last phone with a larger touchscreen

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The Xiaomi Mi 5 is the Xiaomi Mi 5. It has an extremely good camera, great battery life, and a very nice feel for the screen

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The LG G5 is the LG G5. It has a slightly faster processor, a big GPU and slightly larger display size

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 smartphone. It uses Snapdragon 808 CPU and comes with Qualcomm octa-core processor along with